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  • Arturo Giraldo Jr. was born in Armenia, Colombia. His musical career started at very young age, when he was a radio star singer, his debut was at the radio station La Voz de Cali where he participated in a child musical content program directed by Manolo Villarreal.

    After that, Arturo worked at Radio Club Nacional and this was his real beginning as a singer and songwriter. He wrote songs for colombian artists such as Billy Pontony (Qué difícil es ser feliz), Pedro Neira (Yo necesito de tu amor), Martha Isabel (Estúpida de mi) and for the group "Fascinación de Puerto Rico" (Cali 450 años).

    In 1981 he was part of Grupo Farallones and wrote his famous songs Facundo, Odisea y Libertad, Campesino Compañero, Cantando, La mujer que quiero amar, among others, he also started to share the scenario with famous latinamerican singers such as José José, Roberto Carlos, Camilo Sexto, José Luís Rodríguez El Puma, Grupo Mecano, and received great honors of the public and the record labels because of the success of his productions, including Gold Label awards.

    In the same year, he moved for a while to Miami, USA and redorded in the Miami Sound Studio two albums, with content of pop and balade, and a third, Vuelve los ojos al Señor (Turn your eyes to the Lord) with christian meaning in which he found a very powerful reason to sing and since then, his muscial productions are exclusively to worship.

    His music has touched many lives, and it brought him to travel across the world, visiting different countries as The United States, Costa Rica,Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, El Salvador, England, France and Spain, this countries are in his schedule every year. Also, he is on permanent tour in Colombia, joining evangelistics campaings, giving concerts and sharing with people about God´s word.

  • Albums
    • Gracias padre Dios.
    • Cómo no decirte que te amo, 1997.
    • Vuelve los ojos al Señor, 1999.
    • Tú eres mi Rey, mi dulce Salvador, 2000.
    • En Intimidad Music without lyrics.
    • Aromas de Tu Presencia.
    • Vuelve a Casa, world wide evangelistic project.
    • Él Llamó a mi Puerta, worship and testimonial.
    • Santo Santo Santo, worship.
    • Jesucristo es el Señor worship and praying.
    • Todo lo hizo Perfecto.
    • De Rodillas ante Ti.
    • América te Adora.